About Coheris

Leading provider of Customer Relationship Management, Customer Insight and Analytics solutions.

Coheris is a leading provider of Customer Relationship Management, Customer Insight and Analytics solutions

Coheris helps companies harness the power of their core data to drive efficiently their business strategies and improve their Customer Relationship Management, Data Intelligence and Data Governance. Over 1,000 private businesses and local government bodies, from SMEs to large businesses rely on Coheris and its multilingual solutions in over 80 countries. Coheris has a large network of partners and business experts who can support the implementation of your solution and develop our top-tier innovative technology.

Coheris Group delivers two lines of software products: the first is designed to drive Client Relationship Management (CRM), including sales force management, service support, marketing and campaigns, and the second is designed to develop Data Analytics including data mining, predictive analysis, machine learning and business intelligence.

Drive you business strategy with our CRM solution

Serving companies across every sector, Coheris CRM Suite is a leading company in the CRM market. Coheris CRM is able to address all your operational and analytical requirements, whether it is call center management, B2B and B2C sales, marketing campaigns.

Coheris CRM covers all the specific requirements of the Retail sector, like those applying for OTC pharmacy products and product ranges distributed only through authorized or franchise store networks.

Coheris CRM Nomad optimizes sales force automation to support the remote working efficiency of traveling sales representatives, help them deliver more effective sales proposal and monitor marketing campaigns, in agreement with the merchandising policy. Coheris Merch Nomad is designed to cover business specific objectives but also supports the follow-up of a merchandising strategy by Category Managers across an organization’s activities.

Data Analytics across dimension

The Data Analytics solution by Coheris covers all the requirements companies may have in terms of data analysis and corporate governance.

Coheris SPAD explores you data with more than 80 algorithms to deliver descriptive analysis and data enhancement, and includes the latest prediction algorithms and machine learning capabilities.
Our special business packages are designed to support specific corporate needs: Coheris RGPD Text-Control (identification and monitoring of sensitive data), Social media strategy in real time, lead scoring, etc.

The Business Intelligence solution, Coheris Liberty is designed for IT and business specific requirements The solution spans from DataViz to business reporting.

An outstanding support for your projects

Coheris relies on a network of integration partners,which teams are specialized in both CRM and Analytics to implement its solutions, anywhere in the world. But, we can provide in-house support through our Professional Service team to integrate our products with our systems.

The success of your projects depend to some extent on the quality of our support. Indeed, each Coheris project manager and consultant is eager to know better its client market and has an outstanding product expertise to provide a customized support and bring value to your project. Coheris also offers a wide range of training courses to lead projects based on its software.

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