Social & Societal Policy

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an important concern for Coheris.

As a software solution provider, Coheris pays particular attention to the social, environmental and economic consequences of all its activities.

Coheris’ CSR approach is based on the following axes.

Developing skills

Coheris has implemented three main areas of competence development:

  • Technical trainings / trades specific to our activity

As Coheris is a software publisher, a permanent monitoring of the technical and technological evolutions of its ecosystem is essential. The value of the company’s employees is its main asset and an important competitive strength. Technical training is regularly provided to employees.

  • Conferences / fairs

Information and training sessions on new technologies are often held through technical fairs or conferences. Coheris involves its employees in trade fairs and conferences to maintain a high quality technical watch and “up to date”.

  • Development training courses

Coheris has set up a number of training courses to enable employees to develop their management and foreign language skills.

Equal treatment: Diversity and the Fight against Discrimination

Coheris relies on the diversity of its workforce and talents, which is an asset for the group in terms of innovation, performance and competitiveness.

In this respect, Coheris refrains from all forms of discrimination for any reason whatsoever and on any grounds whatsoever, as well as from any conduct that violates the dignity of the individual.

The anti-discrimination policy is also characterised by the promotion of gender parity.

The anti-discrimination policy is also characterised by the promotion of gender parity.

Coheris has also signed an agreement to promote gender equality.

This agreement aims to promote equal opportunities for women in employment and pay, as well as to help all employees to reconcile work and family life.

Actions are also being implemented in the field of disability and are structured around two main areas:

  • L’insertion de personnes handicapées

Les locaux de Suresnes sont accessibles aux personnes handicapés. De plus, un mobilier ergonomique a été mis à disposition de l’ensemble des collaborateurs.

  • The integration of disabled people

The Suresnes premises are accessible to disabled people. In addition, ergonomic furniture was made available to all employees.

Encouraging the outsourcing of activities to companies in the protected sector
In this spirit, Coheris purchases supplies from companies employing disabled employees.
Finally, each year Coheris welcomes interns, which is a way of working upstream of the labour market, to support and integrate young people. These internship periods are also considered as an undeniable source of new talent who can then join Coheris on a long-term basis through an open-ended contract.

Promotion of and compliance with ILO conventions

Coheris complies with the regulations in force in its countries of establishment, which covers the ILO rules:

  • Respect for freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
  • The elimination of discrimination in employment and occupation
  • To the elimination of forced or compulsory labour
  • The effective abolition of child labour

Loyalty of practices

Coheris never offers any compensation, monetary or otherwise, to obtain or retain a contract, and none of its representatives or partners are authorized to make illegal payments on its behalf.

Coheris also requires total integrity from its employees in all aspects of their business. Management expects all employees to comply with the legislation and its internal policy.

Aware of the major challenges related to the development of “cloud computing”, Coheris is committed to respecting the rights and expectations of individuals with regard to privacy and to protecting personal data against any unauthorized access, use, retention/storage and disclosure.

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