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Coheris Analytics SPAD, a solution for Teaching and Research

Leading solution for data analysis à la française

Since its creation, Coheris Analytics SPAD has maintained privileged relations with the Education and Research sector through high-level scientific partnerships and a distribution agreement signed with the Ministry of Higher Education and Research (MESR).

A pioneer and leader in “French-style” data analysis, Coheris analytics SPAD has grown considerably over its 35 years of existence and is now a very complete solution covering the main statistical fields and their fields of application.

The SPAD solution is appreciated in the field for its ease of implementation of courses and theoretical presentations as well as its richness of methods and its quality of results reporting.

Discover Coheris Analytics SPAD’s Teaching & Research packages

The solution can be used for thesis presentation or project defense. Coheris SPAD is particularly effective in carrying out Factorial Analyses, typologies, survey processing or interactive decision trees. It is used following the collection of data from studies related to employment, culture, consumption or from private institutes (political surveys…) to analyse and reproduce them. One of the advantages of the solution is its speed of analysis, which does not require any line of code.

Coheris Analytics SPAD is used as a statistical teaching tool in more than 150 institutions: universities, IUTs, business schools, engineering schools, management schools, etc.

Many researchers use it daily for their own research in extremely varied fields such as:

  • Sociology,
  • Econometrics,
  • The actuarial profession,
  • The industry,
  • Medicine/biology.

Teaching Package

Advantages of the Education Package:

  • Courses preparation

The teacher or TD manager has a free single workstation license to prepare his lessons and carry out his own research.

  • The “Student Kit”

Any student enrolled in a course in which Coheris Analytics SPAD is used as pedagogical software may acquire the “Student Kit” if he/she commits to personal use and in order to perfect his/her training. The student may only use this copy for the purpose of his or her studies, including internships in companies. The Student Kit is limited to 50,000 boxes (product rows*columns) and for a period of 1 year. The constraint on the size of the analyzed files can be removed during internships in companies.

The Teaching Pack is reserved for teachers and students of the institution holding this degree and this in an exclusively pedagogical context. The use of this license for “commercial” or research purposes alone without associated teaching is not permitted. This pack is delivered as a floating license managed by a “Token Server”. The “Token Server” must be installed on a PC connected in network with the other PCs on which Coheris Analytics SPAD is installed. In base, it is delivered with 15 tokens, i. e. 15 simultaneous accesses, with the possibility of purchasing additional tokens. It contains all the methods.

Pack Research

The Research Package is reserved for researchers belonging to public research organisations under the Ministry of Higher Education and Research (MESR). The use of this license for “commercial” purposes by the licensee or a third party is not permitted.

This pack is available either as a single workstation license or as a floating license managed by a “Token Server”. The floating license allows to minimize the costs for laboratories in which several researchers wish to use Coheris Analytics SPAD. It contains all methods except the “Path PLS Modeling” option.

If our standard solutions do not exactly meet your needs, we can also implement specific solutions such as site licenses. For researchers or PhD students who wish to use Coheris Analytics SPAD on a temporary basis, annual rental solutions are also available.

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